Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12,2011~Christmas Projects Update

Alright well it's coming along slowly but I've gotten a couple things done. My Christmas Village is up! Yeah!! It looks really great, but I had a hard time getting pictures to do it justice:)

Here is a picture of this little white church that someone gave me years ago and I finally just got around to painting it! I think it came out cute though.  The second picture is a picture of it finished and in my village:)

I love the Joann's Store! It's a new addition this year:)

My cute little school house:)

The tree has lights on it but it's not decorated yet! So I'll wait till I get that done to post a picture.
Happy Christmas!


  1. Carol, It looks so pretty! I wold love to have a shelf like that for my village. I have the Dept 56 North Pole series and love seein it every year. And don't worry about the tree, I haven't gotten to mine yet either but everything else is done including all gifts wrapped. Merry Christmas!! Patty

  2. Thanks! I'm so jealous that your presents are all wrapped! I always wait until Christmas Eve. I must do better this year!