Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 6, 2011 ~ The Twelve Days of Classroom Projects ~ Project # 7

Project # 7
Attendance/ Lunch Chart

Alright, well I'm kind of cheating today. This is actually a picture of my chart from last year and I think I've posted it before but I thought I would explain it again because I really think it's cute and it worked very well!
I will have an updated one for this year but I can't finish it until school starts. 
Here is what I do... I have the students all pick a character to represent themselves on the attendance/lunch chart. They get to pick from various Cricut carts, Every Day Paper Dolls, Paper Doll Dress up, Life is a Beach or Once Upon a Princess.Then I make their paper doll, put a magnet on the back and when the kids come in each morning they move their person from the bottom up next to either packing lunch or buying lunch. This way I know that they're here and what they are doing for lunch:) 
Like I said I am going to tweak it just a little this year.
 I'm going to make new symbols for buying and packing and I think I'll put a sentence strip
 in between the two choices so that it is very clear where everyone is for the day.
I will post this year's version after school starts.
Happy Crafting and Please leave comments :))

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