Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5, 2011 ~The Twelve Days of Classroom Projects~ Project #6

Project # 6 
My updated Treasure Box

For any of you who have used Saxon Math or Phonics these white bins should look very familiar to you!
Well we no longer use the programs at our school but I hated to get rid of these bins. Thought they must be useful for something. So I decided to use them as my Treasure Box. In second grade the students collect behavior bucks for good behavior and wise choices. Then one day a week they get to go to Treasure Box and spend their hard earned money! So these bins are nice because we have 4 different price points, 1$,5$,10$ and 20$. As treasure box donations come in we decide what they are worth and put them in the appropriate box. We also have a Treasure Box mom to help with the whole process:))
Cricut Cartridge: Life is a Beach ~ Treasure Box
Cricut Cartridge: Alphalicious ~ Numbers
Carson and Dellosa Header
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  1. Great Idea and nice and organized!!! Thanks for sharing!

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