Monday, April 21, 2014

Mrs. Jumps Class Give Away

Mega Math Giveaway, a Freebie and a Bonus!

Last summer Deedee and I talked about how our District's math curriculum just wasn't cutting it.
It wasn't fun to teach and it wasn't engaging for the kids.  AT. ALL!
Out of those conversations our math units were born.
We are amazed at the growth we've seen in Number Sense and Problem Solving.
And the best part?
These units make math workshop so much fun!  We've had lots of feedback from teachers telling us that their students love the hands-on math lessons and activities.  

Deedee and I are pleased to have added our 8th unit to series.  Unit 9 should be available within the next few weeks.  The final unit (Unit 10) will be completed in May.

We have the units available individually and in bundles.
Click HERE to check out the First unit.
Click HERE to check out the complete Bundle.  

Here are some of the photos from the unit.

Our math vocabulary word wall.

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