Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27, 2012 ~ St. Patrick Day Treats

Ok, well yes I am a month late in posting these! HaHa! But better late than never right?
St. Patrick's Day Goody Pots
I made these to give the kids in my class for St. Patrick's Day! They were little black pots that I filled with gold coins and skittles, then I attached a shamrock and rainbow with some green and white twine! 
Shamrock - Paper Doll Dress up Cart.
Rainbow - February Peachy Keen Stamp of the Month Set
Sentiment Sayings - My Creative Time Stamps
 Then for a fun activity we used the skittles at math time to do "Skittle Math" with a awesome packet I found on Teacher's Pay Teachers! I forget who created it but if you go to the website and type in skittle math I'm sure it will pop up! They had to sort, graph, add, subtract, multiply.... basically everything! 
It was a blast!!

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