Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012 ~ Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Here is hoping that 2012 is good to you:)

 Just a quick update on all of my Christmas project,since I never got to post each one as I finished. I finished my curly paper wreath! Yeah! . I'm thinking of starting one for Valentine's Day now so I can be sure to finish it! But  I think it came out so super cute, don't you?!  Remember you can find video tutorials on you tube to learn to make these wreaths. Here is the link for one of them,
We also finished the adorable ornaments for my 2nd grade students to give to their parents, but in the craziness I forgot to take a picture. My daughter Greta's quilt is almost finished but I haven't even begun to finish my two boys a quilts
( a project for the new year i guess!) 
Today I am going to start working on Christmas thank you cards for all of my wonderful parents and family who where so generous to me this year! I found a new blog 
she has some very cute and simple ideas for Christmas Thank you Cards.
 Check her out , it is a great blog, lots of how to videos!
Well that's about it for this posting.
 Have a great New Years Day! 
Happy Crafting in 2012:)))


  1. This is awesome!! I'm thinking of trying to make a couple of these for my neighbors this Christmas!!

  2. Thanks! Yes, they are really cute and very fun to make:)