Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011~ The Twelve Days of Classroom Projects~ Project # 9

Project # 9
My Basket System for Papers
Hello! Sorry for not posting yesterday, things have been  getting a little busy around here and I totally forgot!
So here is today's project

This is how I organize my incoming and outgoing classroom papers. This is an idea I got from our lead 2nd grade teacher. And I think it works very well. There is a homework, office( for papers that need to go to the office), and notes from home basket for incoming papers and then there is a papers to correct, mailbox( for papers that are already corrected and entered into the grade book) and Friday papers ( for all the stuff that needs to be sent home in their Friday Folder) for outgoing papers.
Sorry to be so wordy!
Hope you like:))

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