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July 9,2011 ~ Math Work Stations Chapters 1&2

I am a little tardy to the "Math Workstations Blog Hop Party "
but I am so glad that I finally purchased this book.I think it is really going to help my second graders this year!

Chapter 1 Reflection: What is a Math Workstation? 
 I have always done some kind of math center in my classroom, but it was interesting to me to read the difference between a math center and a math workstation: To quote Debbie Diller," Math Work Stations are areas within the classroom where students work with a partner and use instructional materials to explore and expand their mathematical thinking." Math Workstations are to replace worksheets and really be a place for students to explore and extend what was presented in the whole group lesson.
Two areas I need to focus on improving in are:
  • Making Math  Work Station activities an extension of the whole group math lesson. 
  • Modeling the activities many times in whole group before I include it in a work station.
Chapter 2 Reflection: 
Where do you keep your math work stations and how are the materials organized?
Okay, now this chapter made me feel a little better than chapter 1.
 I have to say I am pretty good at organizing! I already have a math corner picked out in my new room 
( which by the way is much smaller than the room I've been in for many years). So I really needed to make sure I was only taking the supplies I really would use. I have a cabinet in my math corner with a shelf for each of the math areas and all of the items are sorted and labeled. Then I got some clear shoe box sized bins to keep the materials in that the students will use during stations.  
I also have a bulletin board and whiteboard in my math corner for the kiddos to use. 
They love write on whiteboards!!

Two new ideas I'd like to try from this chapter are:
  • Math mats- I've never had the kids work on a mat. I think this might help my students keep their math materials near them as opposed to letting them get all over the place.
  • Limiting amounts of manipulative's - I am guilty of letting my students have way to many of one manipulative and I can see how this would just promote playing instead of using them for the set purpose. I will make sure to only put the amount that they need in the math work station box.
(Ps. I also loved the awning idea on pg. 35 and 36. So super cute!)
Please comment if you have any other cool organizing or decorating ideas for the math corner!

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