Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12,2011 ~ Book Review

Tom Mouse

Has anyone else ever had a book in you classroom library for many years and never had a chance to read it? 
Well, today I was in  my classroom getting ready for next year and I was organizing my classroom library and I came across this lovely little book. I had noticed many times last school year and thought I needed to read it because I love mice but I just never got around to it. I didn't purchase the book, I guess someone donated it to our library. Anyway, I read it today and it is the most adorable story about a little mouse who takes a trip on a train because he wants to see the world and end up meeting an unexpected friend.  
So, if you haven't read this book I totally recommend it! 
I'm going to try and come up with some activities to go along with, I'll post them if I do:))
Please comment if you've read it or if you have any ideas to go along with it!

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