Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011 - Teaching Ideas

Good Morning Everyone! I was so excited yesterday so find some wonderful teaching blogs that I never new existed!! One of them was She has some great reviews and ideas about the book 
"Math Workstations" by Debbie Diller. She also has a unit that you can purchase for math centers. If your a teacher you should check it out:)
Now that I  am finding all of these wonderful teaching blogs.
I've decided to separate my blog into two parts to keep things organized.
 So on the left side I am listing my favorite crafty blogs and on the right my favorite teaching blogs!
Also, when I post something I will identify it as either a crafty post or a teaching  post.
 If anyone know of any great 2nd grade blogs,
please comment and let me know the address!
Happy Blogging,

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